Brightspace Quiz

You can use quizzes in Brightspace in a variety of ways, such as:

  • As preparation for a lesson: If you want to check whether the participants understand the preparatory material, you can set a quiz. If desired, you can then adjust the content of your lesson or make it more specialised based on the results of the quiz.
  • As preparation for a final exam: You can help students prepare for the exam material by setting a quiz that they can take multiple times.
  • Adaptive learning: You can make the available teaching material dependent on specific quiz results by means of Release Conditions. For example, extra in-depth material can be unlocked for students with high scores, while students with lower scores will only be able to access the same material as before, although it may be presented differently.

Getting started

  1. Brightspace allows you to use your sandbox to practise setting quizzes.
  2. It also gives you access to an online training course, which provides more detailed information about creating quizzes.
  3. Edulab also offers workshops. View the schedule to see when the next workshop has been arranged or contact the Blended Learning Consultant