In a nutshell, Camtasia allows you to make screen recordings and edit videos. Screen recordings are videos of all the activities you perform on your laptop or computer that you can replay for others at a later date for instructional purposes. As well as trimming images and adding video clips, the editing options also allow you to add effects such as animated videos, text annotations, educational visuals, subtitles and music.

You can use existing PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos or websites as input and combine them with your own recordings shot with your camera or smartphone. You can then record yourself using your webcam to add instructions for students. To test whether the students have correctly understood the content of your video, you can add interactive quiz questions such as true or false questions, multiple choice questions or open questions. Once your video is complete, you can share it with others via Brightspace or MyMediasite.

No specific prior knowledge is required to use Camtasia: anyone can get started right away. It can be used for blended or inverted learning (flipped classroom) or any other teaching methods that involve the material being provided in advance and then discussed in class.

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Getting started

AUAS has a limited number of Camtasia licences. Please contact the Blended Learning Consultant for more information.

Edulab also offers workshops, which can be registered for or arranged via the timetable or by contacting Edulab.