FeedbackFruits – collaborative text analysis

FeedbackFruits is an application that can be used with Brightspace. It consists of multiple tools, one of which is collaborative text analysis, with which lecturers can add text-based and video-based questions to teaching material.

What is collaborative text analysis?

Collaborative text analysis allows you to analyse texts online together with your students. Students (and the lecturer) work together on the same documents and both students and lecturers can select excerpts of text and immediately ask questions about it or start discussions. As a result, texts are read more thoroughly and discussions go deeper than when a separate discussion forum is used.

Educational added value

By using online tools for collaborative text analysis, you can help students to analyse literature. Having students work together on text analysis leaves more time for in-depth study during lectures.

It also gets students more actively involved in class, which boosts their motivation, as well as giving lecturers more insight into the students’ reading and learning processes.

Getting started

  1. FeedbackFruits can be used with Brightspace, although the tool is not activated as standard.
  2. Contact the Blended Learning Consultant to configure this tool in Brightspace.