Edulab is a community for the Faculty of Business and Economics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. At Edulab, we work together with lecturers to optimise their teaching and help them adjust to the future of education. Edulab’s blended learning consultants and educationalists facilitate lecturers with regard to the practical use of IT tools whose added value has already been proven by other AUAS lecturers, as well as helping them to design or redesign their programmes to integrate blended learning. These activities are carried out in as evidence-informed a manner as possible.

Edulab is made up of:

  • Blended learning consultants who provide lecturer teams with support during the design/redesign of teaching programmes and targeted implementation of IT tools.
  • Educationalists who provide lecturer teams with support and tackle higher-level educational issues within the faculty.
  • System administrators who ensure that educational applications function optimally.

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Educational support

Edulab provides lecturers with educational support during the design/redesign of their programmes, the implementation of blended learning and further optimisation using available IT tools.

Technical support

Edulab provides lecturers technical support with a wide range of IT tools that deliver proven added value for a variety of educational objectives, and if desired, assists the lecturers to implement these tools into their education. IT is not a goal in itself, it’s simply a tool that boosts learning quality and learning effects.


Edulab provides support to lecturers concerning the technical and practical use of IT tools and the design/redesign of their programmes to implement blended learning. The lecturers can select any of the following support aspects:

  • Brightspace
  • Digital assessment
  • Video education
  • Student-activating education
  • Effective use of online or offline peer review

For more information about scheduled training courses and to register for these courses, visit the workshop page. Is the workshop you wanted not available or would you like to schedule a workshop on a different date? If so, please send an email to

In the years to come, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is devoting a substantial amount of attention to ‘blended learning’. The AUAS Strategic Plan states that ‘the education at AUAS will increasingly take on a blended-learning character, with greater location and time-independence made possible by the internet’.

Blended learning is the combination of contact learning and online learning in a manner that reinforces both methods. Instead of being added to programmes as extra facilities, IT tools such as knowledge clips and e-modules can replace the traditional forms of contact learning and self-study. This enables students to acquire a large proportion of the required knowledge and insights via location and time-independent self-study (both alone and in groups). The contact learning will encourage in-depth dialogue, application of knowledge, skills and insights and discussion of complex issues.


Commerciële Economie

Sylvain Wielkens

Consultant Blended Learning


Maartje Prevosth



Laura Doornbos



Finance & Accounting

Ronalda van Kemenade



Erik Hof




Management & Organisatie

Richard Kragten

Consultant Blended Learning


Laurens Campfens

Educationalist HRM


Jeanette Lagrouw

Educationalist BK



Martine Willekes

Functional administrator


Zulaika Zimmerman

Functional administrator


Ankie Eijkelboom

Functional administrator


Brightspace support

Kim Rijsdijk

Brightspace expert