Educational Design

Good education does not come about by itself, it has to be developed systematically. Whatever type of education you want to make, the development steps you take are the same; the process is generic. It is true that the emphasis is different for certain forms of education.

Ideally, where you can take the time to set up online education, a lot of time is spent on the design and development phase. It takes time to think in advance how you will organize online education.

In this case, an abrupt switch from face-to-face education to online education, it is necessary to pragmatically look at what is available in educational material and how you can make it suitable for online education in the short term. Below and in the next three steps are practical and applicable information that you can use to design your education.

What do you need?

How do I convert a regular series into an online module in Brightspace in which I:

  1. Be visible as a teacher;
  2. Create activating assignments for my students;
  3. Can provide effective and efficient feedback;
  4. Have enough contact moments with my students;
  5. Monitor the study progress of my students?

To help you with this, we have developed three practical steps:

Step 1: determining substantive goals per week

Step 2: determining didactic goals per week and choosing online teaching methods

Step 3: developing the working methods on the Brightspace page of your module

Go through the steps and then contact the advisors of your training / cluster. They will provide feedback in the coming weeks and are happy to help you if you are unable to find a solution.