Step 3: Developing your Brightspace course site

In this step you develop or finalise your Brightspace course site including the weekly activities.

Conditional elements:

Welcome and Introduction

Goal: Introduce yourself and the course.

Create a personal welcome message for the students. It’s important to show students your commitment and that they see the person behind the course. For example, indicate in the welcome message:

·       Who you are and why you personally find this course important or interesting.

·       How the course connects to the rest of the curriculum. How this course relates to a certain professional role.

·       In your own words: what can you do if you have done this module (the learning outcomes)

Form: Create a welcome text under ‘Announcements’ and post a video message.

General Instruction

Create a general instruction you can do this with a text, voice PowerPoint presentation, or knowledge clip. The instruction includes:

•        Where and how can students drop their questions?

•        How and when do you communicate with students?

•        What is expected of students? For example, level of independency and the responsibility to contact you when things are not going well.

•        What are the rules of the game in certain forms of work, for example at the Virtual Classroom?

•        Learn more about studying at home on the BS course Online Learning for Students

Form: Under “Content,” place a text, PowerPoint presentation, or knowledge clip. Place it at the top of the module.

Introductory/binding activity

Remember that students don’t see each other during this period. It is therefore important that several introductory or binding activities are organised at the beginning and during the course. You can give students an assignment or have them sharing something with each other via social media or via BS, but you can also ask students to come up with a few activities themselves.

Weekly Folders

Create a folder for each week. This gives students structure. Within each weekly folder, different learning activities will be placed in a chronological order.

Recommendations to manage the expectations of students:

·       Always indicate the substantive and didactic purpose of the learning activity. Formulate this as much as possible from the student’s perspective. This gives students clarity about the level and process (the way).

·       Indicate the role of the student and the lecturer in this learning activity.

·       In case of a virtual lesson, describe what rules the students should adhere