The Mediasite Desktop Recorder enables quick and easy recordings of your entire desktop screen. You can also record audio and video. All of the recorded material will then be automatically stored on your own MyMediasite account, with which you can edit the recorded material. You can easily share your videos in a course component or via another online location provided they have been recorded using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and saved on your MyMediasite account.

How should I use this tool?

  • Part of the knowledge transfer will be done online as this leaves more time during contact hours for in-depth study of the material.
  • Knowledge clips can be used to add ‘remote’ guest lecturers to a course.
  • Students can view these knowledge videos wherever and whenever they choose and at their own pace, which boosts motivation.
  • Lecturers can then monitor which knowledge clips the students do and do not use and adjust the contact time accordingly.
  • You can also add questions to knowledge clips to ensure students watch them actively.

Getting started

You can record knowledge clips with the Media Desktop Recorder and the footage will be saved to MyMediaSite. To do this, you must first register via You can find the necessary software here (for both Windows and Mac). Once you have registered and downloaded/installed the software, link the software to the registered account to enable automatic uploading of the material.


Now it’s time to get started! Log in to your MyMediasite account. If you haven’t logged in before, then you must first log in with your AUAS account. Before doing this, you must agree to share your username and organisation.

Log in by entering a one-off username and email address: you only need to use these the first time you log in.

An email will then be sent to the email address entered in order to complete your registration.

You should now be ready to roll! Are you unable to connect to the server? If so, there is an inconvenient yet effective solution: uninstall the program and repeat the above steps.

For the purposes of video storage, AUAS offers the video platform MyMediasite. For videos that involve privacy issues (e.g. videos featuring students), this platform is a much better option than YouTube or Vimeo.