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Edulab offers lecturers a wide range of teaching tools whose added value has already been proven by other lecturers. Read the tool guide for more information on which tools will be appropriate for your educational objectives. The guide provides information about the tool and how you can implement it into the education you provide. Naturally, we will also help you to correctly implement these tools into your teaching.

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Active learning involves students actively working with the material, for example:

  • by actively connecting the material to their prior knowledge
  • by practising specific skills in an active and targeted manner
  • by applying knowledge to solve problems


Creating animated videos


Creating knowledge clips

Creating videos with Camtasia

Interactive video

Voting tools

Interactive lessons with Kahoot!

Interactive lessons with Mentimeter

Peer review and tests


Test questions by students

Formatieve toetsing

Peer review

Online testing involves the use of ICT in the testing and assessment process. In addition to using the administration of tests (via a computer, smartphone or other device), ICT can also be used in practically all stages of the assessment cycle. Both summative and formative tests can be administered online.

Online tests with TestVision

Mathematics tests

Digital marking with Gradework

Monitoring progress of work placement and graduation process

Collaborative learning is a situation in which students share responsibility and interact with each other in order to carry out tasks with a common goal or joint end product. In practice, collaborative learning is often confused with collaboration, although these are actually two distinct concepts: collaborative learning focuses more on the content and the material while collaboration focuses more on the process and the cooperation itself. There is no fixed boundary between the two, but it is important that both the lecturer and the students have a clear idea of the main focus of a collaborative assignment: the material, the process or both.

Peer review

Video pitches peer feedback

Collaborative text analysis

Digital bulletin board

Online Surveys

Mind mapping