Kahoot! is a web tool that enables quizzes, discussions or surveys to be conducted very quickly and easily in class. The students visit the page kahoot.it on their own devices and enter the game PIN. Kahoot! generates a new game PIN for every activity. The questions appear on the screen in class, not on the students’ devices. On the students’ screens, they are given the answer symbols for the question on the class screen, which they can answer by clicking on the appropriate symbol within the time limit. You can set a specific amount of thinking time for each individual question and you can also add images and videos to questions. Once all students have given their answer, a summary of the submitted answers will appear. The lecturer is free to select the subsequent question, which means he or she can determine the pace of the lesson him/herself, start discussions about particular questions or ask individual students to give their reasons for certain answers.

Getting started

  1. Go to https://kahoot.com/.
  2. Create an account by clicking on ‘Sign Up’.
  3. Select a ‘Teacher’ account.
  4. You can use the free version of Kahoot! If you wish to use Kahoot! Plus, contact the Blended Learning Consultant.
  5. . Edulab does not have any Kahoot! Plus accounts, although it can provide information about purchasing licences.
  6. You will then be able to create quizzes, polls and discussions. For more information, see the Kahoot! instruction manual.