What are knowledge clips?

A knowledge clip is a short video that stands on its own and deals with a defined (sub) topic. The video can be used outside the context for which it was made. However, prior knowledge of the content may be required to understand the knowledge clip. Substance that students generally stumble over is well suited to make knowledge clips. A teacher has to explain some difficult subjects over and over again. That costs a lot of time. By recording the explanation well prepared – with or without a PowerPoint presentation or animation and where necessary edited – a knowledge clip is created in which the explanation is optimally presented. The challenge is to visualize the material in an attractive way. These knowledge clips can often be used for a longer period of time and can be consulted as a ‘reference work’.

Educational added value

Knowledge clips offer several advantages: The explanation of complex concepts and actions during lectures can be shortened if also knowledge clips are used. By making knowledge clips prior to the lecture as compulsory curriculum, there is more room for deepening during the contact hours. Consider, for example, the concept of Flipping the Classroom. Knowledge clips are an additional self-study option for the student and promote ‘deeper learning’ because the student chooses the option if necessary. Also in refresher programs as a remedy, or as a collection to activate background knowledge be deployed.


There are several options for creating knowledge clips. The preparation time varies depending on the teacher’s wishes and content. Within the framework of the faculty strategy activating work forms and blended learning there are means to realize this. As a teacher you only have to work out the content.

ICT Tools

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