Mentimeter is an online polling and presentation tool that allows you to gauge the students’ responses. You can set questions or statements for the students that they can respond to anonymously via their smartphone or laptop. Their answers are displayed immediately, allowing you to adjust the lecture accordingly.

With Mentimeter, you can:

  • Gauge students’ opinions and let them ask questions during and outside lectures.
  • More actively involve the students and motivate them by increasing the variety of the lectures.
  • Test how much the students already know about a certain topic and whether their knowledge is up to date.
  • Better prepare students for the lecture by conducting a poll in advance.
  • Instigate group discussions. As the poll results are displayed immediately, they can be used to start discussions during the lecture.
  • Allow students to give answers anonymously. This will help to get shyer students more involved.

Getting started

You can find the Mentimeter instruction manual on the Mentimeter website. Of course, you can also contact the Blended Learning Consultant for support if desired.