What is online discussion?

Students gather information and take a position based on propositions. They discuss this with each other online via a forum. This online discussion forum is a written asynchronous communication tool. Someone starts the discussion with a question or statement, and others can respond to it. Contributions to the forum are made in writing and the participants do not have to be present in the forum at the same time. This has the advantages that forum participants will think about the formulation of their input and that they have the time to do so. This increases the quality of the contributions.

Educational added value

Discussions on their own require not only knowledge and application but also empathy and analytical skills. They analyze the subject and thereby learn to view the subject or problem from different angles. Through discussions, students also learn how to formulate arguments and arguments and work on their presentation skills. By having discussions take place online, students can participate wherever and whenever they want. In addition, by writing down their arguments, students are forced to substantiate their arguments well. Furthermore, an online discussion forum offers the opportunity for modest or shy students to actively participate in the discussion.


The Digital Learning Environment, such as Brightspace, can be communicated in a forum. Students can create their own discussion lines for their questions to which students and teachers can respond. Teachers can submit statements or leave this to students. There is also the possibility to vote for propositions. Working with this method takes little preparation time, both online and offline and contributes to activating students.

ICT Tools

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