OnStage helps education institutions to coordinate, monitor the progress of and safeguard the quality of work placements, graduation processes and minors. OnStage boosts education quality and yields by increasing the transparency of these processes and ensuring thorough documentation and accreditation-proof reporting procedures.

Why use OnStage?

Benefits for students:

  • Easy online searching and application for suitable work placements.
  • Share experiences with other students.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Easy submission of work placement documents online.
  • Clear step-by-step plan for assignments.

Benefits for education institutions:

  • Easy matching of students to learning companies.
  • Automatic creation of files for the purposes of coaching and accreditation.
  • Transparent coaching and assessment from the perspective of the professional field and other students.
  • Flexible and AUAS-wide implementation that retains specialist coaching.
  • Professional relationship management for relations with learning companies.
  • Clear and comprehensive reports for the management and Executive Board.

Preparation and matching

How do you ensure a good match between the student and work placement in question? OnStage allows both work placement coordinators and the students themselves to search for suitable work placements that are compatible with the student in question’s learning objectives.

Work placement period

OnStage can be used to set up a flexible coaching process based on a simple step-by-step plan that the student, lecturer and work placement supervisor in question complete over the course of the work placement period. You can specify who will perform each specific activity and what information will be recorded in the student’s file.


OnStage also facilitates digital submission of papers and reports, allowing education institutions to maintain an up-to-date student file that can be subsequently assessed.


OnStage’s evaluation module is a quick and easy way to measure the satisfaction of students, lecturers and work placement companies. The results of these measurements are processed in the student files in real time and can be immediately accessed for the purposes of management reports.


OnStage gives you insight into the current progress of your students’ work placements and graduation processes wherever you are and whenever you wish, which facilitates the compilation of accreditation-proof student files. It monitors the entire document and communication stream from start to finish and immediately identifies any anomalies, giving you access to all relevant reports, documents and work placement contracts in a single location.

Getting started

Edulab offers workshops on and support with OnStage. To participate in one of these workshops, contact the Blended Learning Consultant.