Padlet is a free, user-friendly and Dutch-language digital bulletin board (or ‘wall’) on which you can post and share things such as photos, videos, links and files. You can then share your wall in a variety of ways to make it accessible to others or to work together with others. Padlet offers both a general (free) account and special accounts for students and lecturers.

Getting started

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Once you get to your bulletin board, double-click anywhere on it to add your first digital sticky note. You can add a title, text and various types of attachment. Whenever possible, these attachments (website images, photos, videos, etc.) will immediately be displayed visually, which will make it clearer and more visually attractive. Once posted, your sticky notes can be edited at any time, which means the walls are always dynamic.

Click here for more information about Padlet.

Would you like support or a demonstration of Padlet? If so, contact the Blended Learning Consultant.