What is Peer Feedback?

Peer Feedback is having students assess students. Students assess each other’s work on the basis of rubrics: criteria based on which they form an opinion about each other’s work.

Didactic added value

Peer feedback has a great added didactic value. When students assess each other’s work with the help of rubrics, they learn to form a better opinion about what is good and bad quality, they also learn to see shortcomings in their own work and can therefore better assess their own work. In addition, they learn that there are several ways to tackle a problem. In addition, students receive feedback from other students in terms they selve would use and in their own language. Finally, the role of students change from passive consumers to a more participatory role.


To start with peer feedback, it is necessary to work out assignments prior to the course. The assessment criteria must also be written out. This whole can be loaded into a digital tool. However, it is also possible on paper or with voting software.

ICT tools

View the tool guide for more information about the tools.