Allowing students to set test questions themselves is a more active method of engaging with the material.

Wat is Peerwise?

In Peerwise ontwikkelen studenten zelf toetsvragen. Deze vragen kunnen ze met elkaar delen en van feedback voorzien. Het formuleren van vragen stimuleert om dieper over de stof na te denken en daarnaast leren ze de lesstof vanuit verschillende invalshoeken te bekijken door de vragen te beantwoorden.

What is PeerWise?

PeerWise allows students to set questions themselves which they can then share with each other and give feedback on. Formulating questions encourages the students to consider the material more deeply and answering the questions encourages them to view the material from a variety of perspectives.

How should I use this tool?

PeerWise can be used in all kinds of ways during your programmes, such as:

  • Asking all students to devise a number of test questions and corresponding answers as preparation for a seminar. During the seminar, you can conduct a plenary discussion of some of the questions and explain why you would or would not include the questions in an exam.
  • Asking students to devise questions for a central course database that can later be used as preparation for tests.
  • Allowing students to give each other feedback by indicating whether the formulated questions are substantively accurate and meet the required level. When students receive the feedback, they also have the opportunity to adjust and improve their questions.

Getting started

  1. Create an ‘Instructor’ account via It will take two to three days before your instructor account is confirmed by PeerWise.
  2. Create a new PeerWise course.
  3. Give students access to your PeerWise course (information on the quickest way to do this can be found in the instruction manual).
  4. During the course, you can use PeerWise to monitor the questions devised and answered by the students.

As part of a SURF pilot at UMC Utrecht and AMC, a video handbook has been developed using screencasts.

The six videos in this video handbook address the following topics:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Creating a new course
  3. Resetting your password
  4. Creating and answering questions
  5. Viewing answered questions
  6. Importing and exporting questions

No licence is required to use PeerWise: this tool is freely available to all.

Got a question? If so, contact the Blended Learning Consultant