TestVision Online

TestVision Online is a testing system that enables you to work with a variety of different question formats within a secure online platform, each of which has its own specific scoring rules. The available question formats include various types of multiple choice questions, ranking questions, match/hot match questions, text/numerical completion questions, hot spot questions, upload questions and open questions (case studies/essays). You can also add characteristics and multimedia elements (images, audio and video) to the various question formats. These question formats can be randomly included in new tests using a test matrix.

TestVision is entirely web-based and structured in accordance with the latest insights in the field of education studies. It is mainly used for score-based tests (summative), although it can also be used for practice tests (formative).

TestVision can also be used as a digital submission box. Once students submit their tests into this secure environment, they are no longer able to retrieve the submitted work once the test period has expired (in contrast to other programs such as Brightspace or Gradework).

Getting started

Do you need support or do you have any questions? If so, contact the Blended Learning Consultant or your faculty’s Online Testing contact.