Wat is Vyond?

Vyond is an online program used to create animated videos: short clips using illustrated cartoon characters, objects or text. The program provides cartoon characters, templates, movements, music and other tools to create an animated video based on a predetermined script. The program offers a wide range of standard options for creating scenes as well as giving you the freedom to upload your own images and music.

(Vyond was previously known as GoAnimate.)

How should I use this tool?

Animated videos should be used if a particular issue requires visualisation. The images facilitate the transfer of the information by making the information more attractive. Topics for which you could use animation include procedures, narrative themes and complex concepts, although make sure the information doesn’t go into too much depth or detail. Animated videos cannot be used as a replacement for lectures, books or articles: they should be used as a clear and concise method of illustrating a particular topic.

When creating a video (animated or otherwise), it is useful to use a script.

Getting started

Want to start making animated videos? If so, Edulab has a number of Vyond accounts available. The intention is for you to first create your video using the 14-day free trial period, which can be activated using your own email address. All Vyond features are available during the free trial except the option to save your animated video. After the 14-day trial period, your account will be linked to a one-day licence with which you can save the animated video(s) you have created. We advise you to write a script for your video prior to activating your 14-day free trial.


  1. Send an email to edulab.fbe@hva.nl that states when you wish to start using animated videos and what your educational objective is.
  2. Edulab will then contact you within three working days.
  3. You may also wish to attend a workshop or arrange an individual appointment to discuss Vyond and storytelling.
  4. Write a script for your animated video: a template for this purpose can be requested via edulab.fbe@hva.nl.
  5. Design your animated video in Vyond using a 14-day free trial account. When planning your time, bear in mind the time required to process any feedback you may receive from your colleagues.
  6. Ensure your animated video is completed on the day(s) on which your account will be linked to the licence.